Dealing with Desert Pest Problems

g_cockroachLiving the desert make Phoenix pest control essential. So many companies use pesticides that are harmful to the environment, but using botanical and organically derived products preserves the environment and still takes care of the problems. Using a local company is always better, as a technician is well versed in the problems facing those who live in the area. So what are the most common pest problems of those living in this part of Arizona?

The southwestern area of the country brings many rodents and pests. While some might think there are dangerous spiders and weird bugs crawling around, many of the infestations problems here are the same as other parts of the country. Roaches, ants and spiders are plentiful here. The methods to take care of them are just as important as the bug themselves. The ever popular cock roach loves to feed on decaying items, and ants love to take food back to their nests. Using the methods of the species, it is easy to formulate a control method.

The cockroach is not only a nuisance, but they can carry germs and disease with them. In Phoenix there are four types of cockroaches typically seen, they are the German, American, Oriental and Brown-Banded varieties. Identifying which roach is causing the problem is essential, as they all have unique characteristics. The American cockroach typically doesn’t invade a home, they prefer outside in a mulch bed. But the German cockroach multiplies at a quick rate. Using an organic product will rid the home of whatever roach that is annoying the inhabitants.

Though common pests occur, there are some things that are specific to the area. Scorpions are a deadly rodent that can get inside the home. Because it only takes 1/16 of an inch to get into a home, bark scorpions can find their way in. A technician will help the family to eliminate their food source, seal off any openings and target those inside the home. While they are a scary sight, they are probably not as scary to some as the black widow and brown recluse spider. Phoenix pest control often includes homes that are plagued with the dreaded spiders. Control is all about using a microencapsulated product that will adhere to their legs and drive out their population.

Perhaps the most feared bug is not one that is potentially deadly, but has the ability to send chills of fear down anyone’s spine. The sight of a bedbug means a serious infestation and it is nothing to be messed with. They bite during the nighttime leaving pimply rashes on the body. They carry germs and disease and are difficult to get rid of. They can go without food for days or months, so cutting off the food supply won’t work for them. To get rid of the bedbug, a technician must use a flushing system. Temperature extremes kill these bugs, as they cannot stand extreme heat. Because the problem has become so vast in the past few years, technicians are well versed on how to take care of an infestation.

When dealing with any type of infestation, the best thing to do is not to put off the situation. Many people avoid the problem and hope it will go away, or they use store bought chemicals that often make it worse. By having a local professional handle the problem, it can make the issues manageable and keep inhabitants of the home from getting hurt.